After your studies

Datum bericht: 13 juni 2017

Orientation year

The Dutch government decided to improve the already existing orientation year scheme (also known as Search Year) in order to strengthen the competitive position and knowledge-based economy. Students can therefore apply for an orientation year after their graduation. Since the 1st of March 2016, new rules apply facilitating a career start for international talent in the Netherlands. You can apply for this orientation year yourself. For further information regarding the orientation year please visit the following websites.

Orientation year Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates 
Work in Holland 
After your studies

Information sources

A guide to Dutch immigration laws for international students is available on the Study in Holland website. The guide is intended for international students and student-trainees wishing to study or to do an internship in the Netherlands. The guide describes the procedures for obtaining a short stay visa, a Provisional Residence Permit and a residence permit.

As immigration regulations are subject to frequent change, it is also wise to check with the Netherlands Embassy in your home country to find out what the latest regulations and visa types are. If there is no Royal Netherlands Embassy or Dutch Consulate in your country, contact the nearest Embassy that represents the Netherlands in your home country.