Internship manual

The first step in finding a suitable internship is to think about what kind of experience you want to gain, how long the internship must be and what you want to learn for yourself. It often takes time to find a suitable internship, agencies and sometimes even companies have waiting lists for student interns. Therefore it is advisable to start on time searching for a suitable internship.

The first way is to look for an internship through your own network. The Career Service can be off service by means of checking your resume or cover letter, but unfortunately they don't have unlimited access to a pool of internships for international students. Perhaps during your studies and / or extracurricular activities you’ve come into contact with people in the office / agency with work of your preference. The search and application for a suitable internship is also a good exercise in preparation of applications for a job after you graduate.

Today, many agencies and companies publish available internships on their own websites or special websites for lawyers, such as, JBB or Nobiles. Also, often in these online advertisements contact details from a person are mentioned, whom you can call for additional questions.

When you start looking for an internship is good to take into account a number of things. The internship must take place at an instance where legal work is carried out. The chosen internship for which you want to get credit must always be submitted for approval to Career Service, no later than four weeks before the start of the internship.

Be aware that for an international student the possibilities could be limited because of the fact that in many of the internships knowledge of the Dutch language and knowledge of the Dutch Law is required. Try to search on the internet as well, there are plenty of websites and portals specifically for international candidates that can inform you about possibilities of working in the Netherlands.

If you found an internship and you're planning to enroll the internship in your masters programme, please read the Internship manual 2015 (pdf, 475 kB) first, so that you're aware of all the necessary requirements which are set out in this manual.