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Sustainable rule of law (Symposium)

donderdag 24 november 2022Plaats in agenda
15:30 tot
MM 02.130

Petra Bárd has been appointed as of 1 September 2022 as Professor of Sustainable Rule of Law at the Research Centre for State and Law (SteR). Bárd is thus the first SteR rotating chair holder. Bárd’s research on ‘sustainable rule of law’ explores how rule of law decline and backsliding in the member states of the European Union is a European matter. Her research explores issues at the intersection of the rule of law, fundamental rights, their European enforcement mechanism, and EU criminal cooperation. She argues that the EU possesses an arsenal of tools to address the violation of values in a dissuasive manner, and that it is of existential importance for the EU to make a harmonised and consequential use of these tools.

On Thursday 24 November SteR organises a seminar to present Petra Bárd to the research centre and to reflect on the question which lessons can be drawn from rule of law backsliding in several EU member states for the Dutch legal order and the quality of rule of law.


  • 15.30-15.35 Welcome
  • 15.35-16.20 Keynote by Prof. dr. Petra Bárd
  • 16.20-16.30 Break
  • 16.30-17.10 Responses by four SteR-researchers
  • 17.10-17.45 Questions and discussion
  • 17.45-18.30 Drinks

The four SteR-researchers who will respond to the keynote are mr. dr. Jasper Krommendijk, mr. dr. Sjarai Lestrade, mr. dr. Toni van Gennip and mr. Chiel Kuypers. They will pay attention to the situation in the Netherlands.