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18/4: Joris Schapendonk: Wine and Discussion meeting (Agenda-item)

donderdag 18 april 2019Plaats in agenda
vanaf 15:30
Grotius building, room 2.130
Dr. Joris Schapendonk, (Researcher, Human Geography, Radboud University Nijmegen)
‘Finding Ways Through Eurospace: The Intra-EU Mobility of West Africans’

This presentation dives into the mobility processes of West Africans who have reached the European Union. It is based on a ‘trajectory ethnography’ that follows individuals with diverse legal statuses through time and geographical space. With this particular design, the project started in three different European regions (Lombardia, Catalunya, Randstad) from where it evolved in different directions. In this presentation, I discuss the ways migrants navigate their trajectories; how they position themselves in Europe, how they live up to socio-economic expectations, how they are confronted with borders and uncertainty, but also how they manage to transgress these situations. The circulations and relocations of my interlocutors in Europe show that the mobility processes are often much more dynamic and multi-directional than the notions of ‘secondary movements’ and ‘onward migration’ suggest (i.e. people arriving in Southern Europe and move to Northern Europe). As with pioneers of EU mobility (Favell), these migrants make use of – and contribute to – a post-national EU.