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Vaksectie Internationaal & Europees recht

The research of the Department of International and European law covers substantive, institutional and procedural aspects of both the EU and public international law. It encompasses the study of the relations between international and EU law (e.g. how EU law interacts with WTO rules on trade and services, international human rights or migration law).

The expertise of members of the Department pertains in particular to general international law, human rights, European competition law, public procurement, state aid and external relations of the EU. Several members focus especially on issues of individual judicial protection and on the implementation of European and international law in the domestic order.


Members of the Department take part in the research of the Center for State and Law (both regarding the administration of international and European justice, foundations of international and European public law and the interaction between international and national rules) as well as in the Business and Law Research Centre. There are also obvious links with the Centre for Migration Law, both from the perspective of international law (non-refoulement; minority rights) and EU law (free movement of persons/asylum).


The Department offers a unique Bachelor and Master program that allows students to become practitioners in the Netherlands (‘civiel effect’) and to specialise in International and European law. The specialised courses are offered in English as of the 2nd year. For Master students, the Department offers a dedicated programme with four different specialisations.

More information about the courses taught can be found in the study guide.


Charley Berndsen-Teering
Room 01.005
T: +31 (0)24 361 54 99
E: internationaaleneuropeesrecht@jur.ru.nl or charley.berndsen@ru.nl

Head of department

Prof. dr. Henri de Waele