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  • The questionnaire has been developed in consultation with the intercontinental G2G working group (moderators of the Houston meeting). Members of this group are asked to bring up issues that they would like to see included in the survey. Moreover, their input is asked to comment on the draft questionnaire; in particular on the wording and phrasing of the questions (questions and answers should be clear and unambiguous for respondents from different countries and backgrounds).
  • This survey consist of both open-ended and closed questions (that is, with and without pre-set answers).
  • Respondents will be asked to provide links to internet pages (url) and documents with relevant additional information. If you know of any documents or url’s with information on public private cooperation in food safety governance, please mail this information to SurveyG2G@jur.ru.nl.
  • Respondents will be asked at the end of the survey to allow the researcher to contact them to clarify answers if necessary and to provide more detailed information.

Questions survey

The survey will consist of four blocks of questions:

  1. Existing forms of collaboration
    Forms of collaboration; which schemes; which industries; types of information that is shared
  2. Future forms of collaboration
    Is future collaboration being considered or in preparation?
  3. Experiences with and opinions on advantages and disadvantages of collaboration with private assurance systems
  4. Background information


The survey results will be summarized in a concise memo that could be used as starting point for the next G2G-meeting. The report with the survey results will be public available. The results will be reported anonymously (that is the names of the respondents will not be mentioned in the publications for the G2G group and for general and academic audiences). Results related to existing forms of collaboration will be presented including the names of the countries and in some cases organisations. Respondents may choose whether or not the name of the country and organisation may be revealed in relation to their answers on questions about the future forms of collaboration and opinions in publications that will be public available.

The results will be presented at the G2G meeting and at the GFSI Global food safety conference (Tokyo Japan, 5-8 March 2018) and at academic conferences.