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16/9: A conditional release procedure for life prisoners (Workshop)

vrijdag 16 september 2022Plaats in agenda
10:15 tot
Radboud campus & online

Most countries in Europe have a procedure for the conditional release of life prisoners. In the Netherlands, the prospect of release is offered by the pardon procedure. Recently, however, the Minister of Legal Protection announced the introduction of a conditional release procedure for life prisoners (Kamerstukken II 2021/22, 29 279, nr. 718).

This workshop aims to clarify, in an international comparative manner, how a conditional release procedure for life prisoners could be given form in the Netherlands. The workshop will build on a previous workshop on life imprisonment organised by prof. Dirk van Zyl Smit and dr. Catherine Appleton in Onati, Spain in 2015. This previous workshop resulted in an edited
volume ‘Life Imprisonment and Human Rights’.

The main question for the present workshop is how a procedure for conditional release can be given form in the Netherlands that is in line with the criteria laid down by the ECtHR and what the Netherland can learn from other parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and other countries. Speakers from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium are invited to elaborate on their system of conditional release for life prisoners (in addition to a system of pardon).

Please view the workshop programme here. (pdf, 130 kB)


Registration for the workshop is possible via Lisa Achten (Strafrecht@jur.ru.nl). Registration is possible until 26 August 2022. Please indicate whether you can join us in person of via Zoom.