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Wine and Discussion meeting with Sandra Mantu (Agenda-item)

dinsdag 10 februari 2015Plaats in agenda
15:30 tot
Grotius room 2.130 Montessorilaan 10 Nijmegen
Sandra Mantu
‘Work, citizenship and time’

Should economically inactive or poor EU citizens be entitled to free movement rights or should this be the preserve of economically worthy EU citizens? The answers we give to this question are very much connected with how we understand the relationship between work and citizenship at the EU level. Currently, EU citizens’ right to move and reside freely in a different EU state is under threat as the mobility of certain groups of EU citizens (mainly poor ones) is deemed unwanted and even harmful. This study puts forward an innovative way of analysing the nexus between work and EU citizenship by using the concept of ‘time’, which holds unmapped explanatory potential. Under EU citizenship rules, residing for a certain period of time in a host state as an EU worker will lead to different rights, level of protection and social solidarity than those enjoyed by someone spending time as an EU student or economically inactive citizen. ‘Time’ matters because the rules of EU citizenship give preference to certain ways of spending time in a host state and create hierarchies of citizens. Whether time is always read as economically relevant or not is unclear. Hence, the project plans to examine three issues: the theoretical potential of ‘time’ for conceptualizing EU citizenship; the meaning of ‘time’ in relation to two important aspects of EU citizenship, namely social solidarity and residence rights; and the extent to which EU citizenship can incorporate other forms of time besides work-time. Looking at EU citizenship through the conceptual lens of ‘time’ is an opportunity to shift the legal debate on EU citizenship towards a reconceptualization of the meaning and purposes of EU citizenship that puts in the limelight those mobile EU citizens who struggle most to enjoy their status.

Dr. Sandra Mantu (researcher, Centre for Migration Law)

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