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13/5: The implementation of the Temporary protection Directive (TPD) in all EU Member States (Seminar)

vrijdag 13 mei 2022Plaats in agenda
09:30 tot
Centre for Migration Law

The Centre for Migration Law - Radboud University warmly invites you to a webinar on the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) in all EU Member States.

In response to the aggressive invasion by the Russian regime in Ukraine, the EU Member States acted swiftly with the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive, for the first time since its adoption in 2001. As of 4 March, the Temporary Protection Directive applies to the approximately 4,5 million refugees from Ukraine residing in the EU. The Directive aims to secure a more equitable responsibility-sharing and swift access to rights and services. Yet, most refugees still stay in the Member States at the external borders, and many refugees face difficulties in exercising their rights.  

In this webinar, we will take stock of the implementation progress and identify the problem issues and ways for improvement, with the following speakers:  

Meltem Ineli Ciger, assistant professor Suleyman Demirel University Turkey, PhD on temporary protection in international law, EU law, national laws and practise.  

Giuilio Di Blasio, member of the cabinet of Commissioner Johansson, responsible for the implementation of the TPD 

Catherine Woollard, Secretary General of European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), monitoring implementation of the TPD in all EU Member States 

Andras Lederer, senior advocacy officer at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, providing humanitarian assistance at the Ukraine/Hungarian border.

Tineke Strik, professor of Citizenship and Migration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, and member of the European Parliament will introduce the panel and moderate the discussion.

Hope to see you then! 
Best wishes on behalf of the Centre for Migration Law, 
Karin Zwaan, Mariana Gkliati and Tineke Strik

Would you like to attend the webinar?

Please use the following Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 829 3662 7858
Passcode: 131227