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Young Scholars Research Forum Call for Interest

Datum bericht: 1 december 2022

The International Society of Public Law (ICON-S) association is looking for young scholars to join the Young Scholars Research Forum, an organ of the Benelux Chapter of ICON-S. The organ is established to encourage collaboration and the exchange of relevant information related to academic jobs, calls for papers, and funding.

In recent years, the ICON-S association has become one of the most important associations worldwide in the field of public law in the broadest sense of the term (including EU law, international law, constitutional law, administrative law, legal theory, etc.). In addition to the global structure, ICON-S supports the creation of regional or national associations (ICON-S National Chapters). The objective of these local chapters is to provide a platform for the organisation and dissemination of scientific events related to public law on a national or regional scale, in particular for the benefit of young researchers. The functioning of these chapters is described in more detail here. These chapters are of course not intended to replace or compete with other scientific associations that already exist.

The ICON-S Benelux Chapter has been established and is growing fast. The Benelux chapter has the support of members from all Dutch, Belgian, and Luxembourg universities. We are currently in the process of setting up the organs of this new association. Among these bodies, there is the "Young Scholars Forum". The role and composition of this forum are described in the chapter's statutes as follows:

"The Young Scholars Forum shall be open to Ph.D. candidates, Post-docs, and faculty members within less than 3 years after completion of their Ph.D. at the moment of application. Two members of the Young Scholars Forum shall act as Forum chairs for a term of 3 years and shall be part of the Steering Committee. The tasks of the Young Scholars Forum are to organise a yearly Ph.D. community building workshop and collect and distribute relevant information related to academic jobs, calls for papers, and funding".

The Young Scholars Forum will collaborate with the other Chapter bodies in the organisation and development of the Chapter activities. In particular, it will be involved in the organisation of the Inaugural Conference of the Chapter expected for Fall 2023. If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to jasper.krommendijk@ru.nl before January 16, 2023.