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Social Benefits and Migration: A Contested Relationship and Policy Challenge in the EU

Datum bericht: 24 september 2013

New book from The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS): Social Benefits and Migration: a contested Relationship and Policy Challenge in the EU Author(s): Elspeth Guild, Sergio Carrera, Katharina Eisele In: Justice and Home Affairs, CEPS Paperbacks

The collection of essays contained in this book examines the main policy controversies that have emerged in the EU regarding linkages between welfare and migration. Does migration constitute a disproportionate burden to member states' domestic labour markets and welfare systems? Should non-citizens be entitled to social benefits in the state where they live? Is there objective evidence and statistical data indicating abuse of social benefits and increasing financial burdens by non-citizens, 'social welfare tourism' or the so-called 'welfare magnet' hypothesis, whereby migrants are attracted to countries that provide more generous welfare?

The book analyses these controversies as they affect different categories of non-citizens in the framework of EU law and policy. This is coupled with an examination of the uses or misuses of data, information and social science knowledge in the debates on the reliance by non-citizens on social benefits. The book concludes with a set of recommendations addressed to EU policy-makers.


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