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University of Poitiers

Universités de Poitiers | Académie de Poitiers

Having inherited from a long tradition of legal teaching inaugurated in 1431, and selected by Napoleon after the troubles of the Revolution as one of the nine French establishments in charge of informing on the newly-written Civil Code, the Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Sociales of Poitiers still contributes today in a determining way to the elaboration and teaching of knowledge in the domains of law, economic and social administration.

Deadlines for nomination:

Apply for nomination to the International Office Law before 1 March in order to be included in the first nomination round of the next academic year (for both first and second semester exchange) After the first round, selection takes place on a 'first come first serve' basis.

(Nomination deadline at the partner: 15 June for Semester I, 15 November for Semester II)

Each year two students may go on exchange to the Université de Poitiers for one semester.

Language requirements:

A minimum level of B2 in the French Language is recommended. All courses are taught in French, apart from 6 English taught courses in the field of 'Political Science'

Course information:

Exchange students can enroll in all 1st year (L1) to 4th year (M1) courses, as well as a few 5th year (M2) courses in the field of Political Science. All courses are exclusively in French except for 6 courses in English in the Political Science Master’s programme. Find the course cataloge here.


The International Office of the University of Poitiers (D.R.I.) helps exchange students in finding accommodation. On this webpage you'll find the practical information you need.

"Poitiers is a very beautiful, not very big, medieval city. There's a lot to see. It has a nice center and lots of cozy bars. Because it's not too big you quickly get to know new people and you always run into someone you know."


Practical information:
Fact sheet

Useful links:
Exchange website (Faculty)

Academic Calendar:
First Semester: early September - mid December
Second Semester: mid January - end of May
See the Academic Calendar

Finances (on average):
Travel Expenses: € 150 (50-200)
Living Expenses (rent included): € 1.050 (800-1.300)
Rent: € 400-600