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Radboud Business Law Talk by professor Ingeborg Schwenzer (Symposium)

vrijdag 9 december 2022Plaats in agenda
17:00 tot
Grotius building, Montessorilaan 10, Nijmegen

On Friday 9 December 2022, from 17:00 tot 18:00, prof. dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer (Swiss International Law School and University of Basel) delivers the sixth Radboud Business Law Talk.

'The role of the CISG in arbitration'

Both the CISG as well as arbitration have contributed extraordinarily to international unification and harmonization of commercial law and practice during the last decades thus having considerably enhanced and facilitated international trade. The lecture explores the interactions between the CISG and international commercial arbitration. First, the relevance of the CISG in relation to the merits of the case will be discussed, and second, its possible application to arbitration agreements will be scrutinized.