RIS (for researchers)

Using the RIS interface to register your research output has a number of advantages, for instance:

  • Your publications and datasets are registered in the yearly research reports
  • You can make the full text of your publication available via the Radboud Repository
  • Publications and datasets become available through Narcis and internet search engines such as Google and Google Scholar
  • Publications and datasets appear on Radboud University profile pages
  • You can link your publications and/or datasets together

See the RIS manuals for help when working in RIS.

RIS and Metis

RIS (Research Information Services) is the front-end of Metis, the current research information system (CRIS) of Radboud University. Metis contains information for various target groups, for instance:

  • Fte details and number of publications/publication lists for reports and visitations.
  • Management information for directors of research schools and research institutes, for chairs of discipline groups/capacity groups, and for deans and policy advisors of a faculty.
  • Information on research projects and publications that are publically available for interested parties.

Registering information using RIS

Part of the information in RIS is entered centrally (fte details, programs, departments, etc.).

Researchers themselves are able to register publications and datasets and link them. Via RIS, this information is made accessible in the Radboud Repository, on the internet, on researchers' personal profile pages, and in the national research data bank Narcis.

RIS for students

RIS for Students can be used by student of specific faculties to write a data management plan and/or store their thesis data for long term archiving. It is currently only available to the following students: Students following certain courses at the Faculty of Arts, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, and Research Master students affiliated with the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI). When in doubt whether RIS for Students can be used at your faculty or institute, feel free to contact us at ris@ubn.ru.nl.

See the manuals for more information when using RIS for Students.