regenboogtrap nijmegen

About the Platform

With this interdisciplinary research platform, researchers and research-practitioners aim to contribute towards transcending the boundaries of disciplinary research on transgender and intersex topics and to create and stimulate dialogue on these topics.

The platform gathers the expertise and knowledge on diversity in sex and gender from different domains (political sciences, gender studies, language and communication sciences, ethics, endocrinology and medical psychology), and from the practice of multidisciplinary care trans and intersex care. As an interdisciplinary research platform, we aim to stimulate research based in the empirical reality and societal context, and on the needs and experiences of transgender and intersex persons.

The collaboration is based on an interfaculty project of the Radboud Expertise Center for Gender & Gender (REG & G), and the Faculties of Medicine, Arts and Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University.