Research Groups

The research groups connected to the platform at a glance. By clicking these links, you will be led to the research centers' own websites.

Persuasive Communication

persuasice comm

In all areas of everyday life, the effective use of language and images is essential to reach communication goals. Our research group studies how characteristics such as argumentation, style, and tone of messages (for example about health, intersex and transgender themes) determine how message recipients feel, think and act in offline and online environments. Our group uses different methods. For example, we use conversation analysis to understand verbal and visual aspects of (online) interactions; we use corpus studies to discover how patterns of language use predict health outcomes; we use experimental research to assess the impact of message variations on public perceptions.

Website: Persuasive Communication

IQ Healthcare

IQ healthcare is a section of the Radboudumc with the mission "to improve quality and value of healthcare for patients, through research, education and policy support."

The starting point is that the quality of care can and must be improved, and that quality also refers to the ethical quality of care, care professionals, care processes and care systems. This is why a team of ethics is connected to IQ Healthcare. The Ethics of Healthcare research group contributes towards an ethically responsible health care by stimulating critical, constructive and interdisciplinary reflection of "what good care for illness and health" means, and how to further advance it in the future.

Website: IQ healthcare – research group Ethics of Healthcare

Hotspot Gender and Power in Politics and Management

The Hotspot Gender and Power in Politics and Management is a multipdisciplinary research group. It connects researchers from Critical Organization Studies, Economics, Human Geography and Political Science (all within the Faculty of Managment Sciences, Radboud University), who focus on gender and equality.

Website: Hotspot Gender and Power in Politics and Management

Radboudumc Center of Expertise in Sex & Gender

The Radboudumc has a long tradition in care for persons with variations in sex characteristics and development, and has been a nationally and internationally recognized center of expertise for Differences in Sex Development (DSD). Starting from March 2020, this center of expertise has expanded its care and was extended to be a center of expertise for Sex & Gender (REG&G). Within the Radboud Center of Expertise for Sex & Gender, we provide care for:

  • persons with differences in sex characteristics/ intersex persons
  • persons with questions concerning gender identity/ transgender persons

Website: Radboudumc Expertisecentrum Geslacht & Gender