Faculty education awards for Juriaan Metz, Steffen Wiedmann and Simona Samardjiska

Date of news: 11 January 2023

The annual faculty education awards were presented during the New Year's meeting of the Faculty of Science. This year, not one, but two lecturers were awarded the senior education award: Juriaan Metz and Steffen Wiedmann. Both were previously nominated for the education award. This year's education award for junior teacher went to Simona Samardjiska.

Winnaar Education Award Junior + Senior 2022 (002)

Juriaan Metz

The jury praised Juriaan Metz for his high scores in the teaching evaluations. In addition, he supervises many trainees on the work floor, with great success. He is actively committed to improving his courses and is involved in improving the entire curriculum. He is also coordinator of the Biology Bachelor's programme and programme coordinator of the Faculty of Science Honours Programme.

Steffen Wiedmann

Steffen's teaching resume is impressive, according to the jury. Steffen is very enthusiastic about his profession and effortlessly conveys this enthusiasm to his students. In addition, he takes on many extra tasks, also outside his direct assignment. For example, he is a member of the Education Committee for Physics and Astronomy and he is the coordinator of two educational programmes.

Simona Samardjiska

Simona is a beloved teacher; students appreciate her courses and the interaction Simona creates during the course. The jury also appreciates the diversity of tasks that Simona performs. She is very active in the GenDi committee and in the Radboud Women of Computing Science. Her involvement in these committees is sincere and intensive. The jury finds the tasks that Simona performs in addition to her own courses for a junior teacher very impressive.