Research clusters RIBES

RIBES is organised in three clusters: Ecology & Physiology, Environmental Science and Microbiology. All clusters participate in the overarching research theme Towards Healthy Ecosystems.

Environmental Science

The mission of the Environmental Science cluster of RIBES is to provide high-quality scientific knowledge that can help the world move towards greater sustainability. To achieve this, we aim to understand, project and address the impact of anthropogenic pressures on ecosystems and humans from the landscape to the global scale. This enables us to explore and develop wide-ranging sustain­able solutions for the environmental challenges the world faces today.


The mission of the microbiology cluster of RIBES is to conduct world-leading research at the forefront of microbial ecology and ecophysiology with the aim of understanding the diversity of microorganisms responsible for the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen and carbon (methane). Furthermore, we want to determine the microbial contribution to these cycles in oxygen-limited ecosystems.

Ecology and Physiology

The Ecology and Physiology cluster focuses on the funda­mental processes underlying the stress and adaptation responses of living organisms to environmental change, and the consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Our mission is to perform world-class research which makes it possible to understand and counteract ecosystem degradation and discover innovative new restoration solutions.

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