RIBES PhD Council

The PhD council of RIBES represent the interests of PhD candidates across the institute.

What does the PhD council do?

The PhD council formulated several goals:

  • Two-way representation of all PhDs between PhDs and MT at the RIBES
  • Stimulate interaction between PhDs candidates in the RIBES
  • Inform the PhD candidates about all amazing things and opportunities (already) going on in the university, e.g. PROBE, Career Centre, and the education point

The PhD council meets at the end of every month, and three or four times a year with the Management Team (MT) of the RIBES. The meetings with the MT are used to discuss relevant issues and ideas brought up by the PhD candidates, discuss issues and ideas brought up by the MT relevant to the PhD council or PhD candidates in general, and discuss activities organised within the institute.


The council composition is meant to reflect international and external PhD candidates, the three clusters, and the gender balance. The RIBES PhD council of 2023 consists of:

  • Ahmed Abotawaheeneh (cluster Environmental Science)
  • Nicky Dotsios (cluster Microbiology)
  • Judith van der Knaap (cluster EcoPhysio)
  • Anne Ottenbros (cluster Environmental Science)
  • Quinten Struik (cluster EcoPhysio)
  • Pieter van der Velden (cluster Microbiology)

In general, PhD council members will stay active for two years. To provide new members with the relevant information and guarantee full capacity and smooth transition between PhD council members, three members of the PhD council (one of each cluster) will be replaced by a new member (from the respective cluster) every year after the RIBES day.

PhD candidates interested to be part of the PhD council can step forward.


The PhD council will organize the yearly RIBES day. This RIBES day will be filled with inspiring talks, break-outs about different topics and workshops, and there will be a social lunch. During the evening there will be a dinner.

Besides the RIBES day, the PhD council aims to organize two welcome lunches a year for new PhD candidates joining the institute or who start working externally with guidance from the RU. This lunch is meant to connect new PhD-candidates with each other and get familiar with the organisational RIBES structure. The welcome lunches will take place at the beginning and at the middle of the academic year.

Furthermore, there will be (max.) four PhD afternoons or evenings, for which all PhD candidates are invited. During these PhD meetings, we will offer the possibility for PhD candidates from different clusters to share part of their research, or organize workshop-afternoons, and during the evenings there will be social activities.


You can approach one of the council members directly, or email the council via phdcouncil.ribes@science.ru.nl.