Data management

RIBES highly values clear and accurate data management. For each project, our researchers are expected to follow these three data management steps:

  1. Before: have a Data Management Plan
  2. During: store Raw & Processed data and metadata on a backed-up C&CZ server
  3. After: upon publication archive data in a certified repository

The RIBES Research Data Management Policy document can be used as a default Data management plan, if you follow the steps described in it. You can download it here:

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RIBES datasets

See full and 2022 lists of RIBES datasets. If your recently archived dataset is not in the list below, please let us know.

Dryad HomeRange: A global database of mammalian home ranges

Zenodo Pond bat capture and diet data from the Netherlands

Northern wheatear

Zenodo Data from: Male long-distance migrant turned sedentary; The West European pond bat (Myotis dasycneme) alters their migration and hibernation behaviour

Zenodo Data from: Predation of wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) on hibernating bats

Zenodo Data from: Macro-evolutionary trade-offs as the basis for the distribution of European bats

Zenodo Data from: Group size and dispersal ploys: An analysis of commuting behaviour of the pond bat (Myotis dasycneme)

Dryad Sod translocation to restore habitats of the myrmecophilous butterfly Phengaris (Maculinea) teleius on former agricultural fields

DANS 3D upstream passability of novel river training structures by migratory fish in the river Waal

DANS Dataset belonging to "Inland navigation contributes to the remobilization of land-based plastics into riverine systems"


DANS Co-occurance of antibiotic concentrations and resistance gene abundances in the global environment

DANS Increased temperature reduces the positive effect of sulfide-detoxification mutualism on Zostera noltii nutrient uptake and growth

DANS Data from: 'Effect of shipping induced changes in flow velocity on aquatic macrophytes in intensively navigated rivers'

DANS Data from 'The impact of imidacloprid and thiacloprid on the mean species abundance in aquatic ecosystems'

DANS Invasive Australian swamp stonecrop (Crassula helmsii) negatively affects spawning but accelerates larval growth of the endangered natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita)

DANS The Ecosystem Resilience Approach (ERA) to control the invasive Australian swamp stonecrop (Crassula helmsii)

DANS Underwater macroplastic detection using imaging sonars


DANS Temperature sensitivity of freshwater denitrification and N2O emission - a meta-analysis

DANS Geomorphological development of aquatic mesohabitats in shore channels along longitudinal training dams

DANS Microbial paracetamol degradation involves a high diversity of novel amidase enzyme candidates

Dryad Data from: Scaling of thermal tolerance with body mass and genome size in ectotherms: a comparison between water-and air-breathers

Dryad Integrated population model for the Mallard in the Netherlands