New additions to the Heritages of Hunger Team, part 1

Date of news: 23 April 2021

Several temporary additions have been made to Heritages of Hunger. The project team could not be more pleased with these great assistants and researchers who are making valuable contributions to our digital repository and who support us in carrying out our research! In this message, three of these new people introduce themselves:

Helmi Moret, research assistant

Helmi MoretHi, I’m Helmi Moret, research and education assistant at the Rural and Environmental History Group at Wageningen University & Research. After my MA in History at the University of Amsterdam and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, I worked as a junior researcher for the Dutch NGO ‘Pax for Peace’, focusing on practices of memorialization and reconciliations surrounding the Srebrenica genocide and the war in former Yugoslavia. For the NWO NWA-ORC Heritages of Hunger project I will be focusing on the Dutch Hunger Winter of 1944-1945, working together with Ingrid de Zwarte.

Nathan de Waard, student assistant

Nathan de WaardHi! My name is Nathan, I am a third year English Language and Culture student and currently in the last semester of my BA. In the coming months I will be collecting music for the Heritages of Hunger project. Because of my background in English studies, I will focus mostly on English songs concerning the Great Irish Famine. I will also incorporate any Hunger Winter related music that I may come across in my research. I am looking forward to contributing to this project!

Jacqueline Gallup, MA, research intern

Jacqueline GallupJacqueline was raised in Seattle, Washington and came to Ireland at 18 to study at University College Dublin (UCD) for her BA in History and English Literature. Jacqueline continued her studies at UCD where she recently completed her MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Management. Her MA thesis topic was titled, “Connecting Migration to a Universal Journey: A Case Study of Cultural Diversity within Emigration Museums in Northern Ireland and Belgium.” Jacqueline looks forward to helping Heritages of Hunger as a research intern and considers the project a perfect example of the type of work she hopes to pursue in her career.

Jacqueline, Nathan, and Helmi are not the only people contributing to HoH: in our next news item, we will have other new additions to the team introduce themselves.