Centre for Art Historical Documentation

The Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD) manages a large collection of visual material and provides services in the field of image research and delivery of image material.

The archives of the Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD) have been accumulated over more than 50 years. For art historical education, it is necessary to collect visual material.


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Tel.: 024-3612623
Fax: 024-3616067

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Our services

Image research for publications:

You can contact us with general or specific questions about images of a specific work of art or a particular artist. We can convert a (non-specific) question from a client into a concrete image of a work of art.

Image research for museums:

Labour intensive image research prior to or for use in exhibitions, catalogues etc.

The CKD advises on the area in which art history and digitalisation intersect. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Art historical research
  • Advice on terminology and thesauri
  • Information analysis
  • Databases design
  • User guide design
  • Assessment of existing information systems



The Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD) manages a range of interesting and unique collections.

Online databases

The CKD specializes in art historical databases. We have digitized some of our collections like the photographs of Hans Sibbelee. We specialize in research-databases for late medieval images, like Kunera and Stalla.

These images can be supplied digitally (high or low-resolution scan, on CD-ROM or via email) or analogue (Ektachrome, photographs).