Online databases

Below are our digital archives. Images from these databases can be ordered via this form.


Image from the Kunera collection

Kunera is the database about late medieval badges and ampullae. These little known objects are the material witnesses to the rich and fascinating visual world of the late Middle Ages. The goal of Kunera as a research project is twofold. On the one hand, we try to increase knowledge about late medieval (pilgrimage) culture. On the other hand, we strive to research as many badges and ampullae as possible in order to safeguard valuable details and information in our database.


Stalla 2

Stalla is the medieval choir stalls database. Choir stalls are part of the fixed church furniture in medieval monasteries and collegiate churches and were made in the period from 1150 to 1550 throughout Western Europe. Since 2005 a database of choir stalls and misericords in Western Europe has been developed.


Self portrait of Hans Sibbelee

Sibbelee is the database with digitized photos by the photographer Hans Sibbelee (1915-2003). The collection contains the entire oeuvre of the photographer Hans Sibbelee, consisting of more than 15,000 photographs taken between about 1940 and 1987.


Image from the Porthis collection

Porthis is a database dedicated to the Portrait Historié. The database is the outcome of a research project of the historicised portrait in western art. The database originally contained works of art created in the Netherlands' Golden Century but is now supplemented with Portraits Historiés from the whole of western art history.

Portrait gallery (available in Dutch only)


Almost 14,000 portraits from our collection have been scanned and included in the Portrait Gallery database. Descriptions are only in Dutch, but some of the data, like names or dates, are accessible to non-Dutch-speakers.

Faun (available in Dutch only)

Object from the Faun collection

Faun is a database with images retrieved from the study programme 'Kunstgeschiedenis' (History of Art).