The Sibellee collection contains the entire oeuvre of the photographer Hans Sibbelee, consisting of more than 15,000 photographs taken between about 1940 and 1987. A large part of the collection is digitalised and is available online. The Radboud University Nijmegen owns the copyright to the Sibbelee collection.

In collaboration with the Stichting Nijmeegse Kunsthistorische Studies the Centre for Art Historical Documentation has published three books about Hans Sibbelee :

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How can you order a picture?

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Via our order form, you can order the desired inventory numbers. Please mention how you want to use the image - nature of publication, print run, format, and such.


The cost for the copyright will be calculated based on the intended use of the photograph. In principle, we adopt the prices of the Fotoanoniem (see also delivery conditions). In addition to the copyrights, handlings costs (€ 25), and the cost of digitalising (€ 7.50) will be charged. For orders for more than one photograph received at the same time, the handlings costs will be charged only once. We will first consult you about the total cost before we send the image and invoice.

Terms of conditions

The images may only be published if the citation provided by the CKD (photo: Hans Sibbelee, CKD, RU Nijmegen/nfa) is copied correctly. In addition, there are a number of terms of delivery to which the user should agree before the delivery can take place. The delivery terms are included in the ordering procedure.