Terms of delivery

Ordering product(s)

  • 1. The Centre for Art Historical Documentation (further referred to as CKD) is an institute for image research: in this context it is the executive authority for the request.
  • 2. The principal is the person or institution that submits a request for an image to the CKD.
  • 3. An order is only considered after it has been confirmed in writing.
  • 4. Prices are excluding 21% VAT.
  • 5. Images are sent on the responsibility and risk of the client.
  • 6. The image supplied may only be used once and for the purpose for which the image is requested. Payment must be made within 4 weeks after receipt of the image
  • 7. The client may only publish and/or replicate the image supplied by the CKD after obtaining permission from thecopyright owner, if this is known. It is one of the responsibilities of the CKD to identify the copyright holder. Should this fail then the risk of using the image falls to the client. If a copyright owner then presents a claim, the CKD will pass on any costs CKD to the client.
  • 8. If CKD owns the copyright of an image, then it is entitled to collect these rights. The ensuing fees will accord as much as possible with those of Fotoanoniem but CKD may deviate from these fees at anytime.
  • 9. The image should not be published in a manner that violates the personal rights of the copyright owner or the rights of anyone portrayed.
  • 10. Credits are required. The CKD supplies the credit line. The credit line is to be reproduced exactly in the publication. The fine for not correctly reproducing the credit line is minimum €250 and maximum € 2,000.
  • 11. At publication of the supplied image the client commits himself to send immediately and without further costs two proof copies of the publication to the CKD. It is the responsibility of the CKD to send one of these copies to the instance supplying the image
  • 12. If images supplied by third parties are also involved the conditions of both the CKD and those of these third parties apply.

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