George, Mark and Vitalis of Ravenna - responses

Date of news: 23 April 2016

Fol. 184v

On the left we see George, or Georgius the Great, known for the legend of George and the Dragon. Once upon a time, in a swamp in Asia, there was a horrible dragon which could only be appeased by human sacrifices. When the daughter of the king was about to be brought before the dragon, George killed it with a lance and saved the princess. His feast day is on 23 April. In the middle Mark the Evangelist is seated at a reading desk, whose feast day is celebrated on 25 April. The characteristic lion is missing from this picture; it is possible to identify him through the text of the prayer accompanying this miniature. The knight on the right is Vitalis of Ravenna, one of the first Christians in Milan. After suffering many tortures, he was eventually buried alive. His feast day is on 28 April.