Peter's bonds, Pope Stephanus I and Dominicus

Date of news: 1 August 2016

Fol. 215r

Peter the Apostle is depicted on the left. This is the second time he appears in the prayer book, but this time the accompanying prayer concerns the feast of his liberation. When he and James the Great were captured by Herod Agrippa, Jacob died a martyr’s death but Peter was liberated by an angel. The chains he was wearing, or bonds, were saved and venerated by Christians. They were even attributed with miraculous powers. The feast of Peter’s liberation is celebrated on 1 August. In the middle we see Pope Stephanus I. According to tradition he died a martyr’s death, but today people no longer assumed that he did. His feast day is on 2 August. The founder of the Dominican Order, Dominicus Guzmán of Caleruega, is standing on the right, wearing the black and white habit of his order. His feast day is on 8 August.