Tiburtius, Hippolytus and Clara of Assisi - responses

Date of news: 11 August 2016

Fol. 221r

Tiburtius of Rome, depicted on the left, was converted to the Christian faith by Sebastian and was decapitated just outside of Rome. His feast day is on 11 August, together with Saint Susanna who is depicted on a previous miniature. On the right we see the soldier Hippolytus who was charged with guarding Laurentius during his imprisonment. He was so impressed with the saint, however, that he and his entire household converted to Christianity. They were decapitated because of it. Hippolytus died either by being dragged behind a horse or by being quartered. His feast day is on 13 August. The nun in the middle is Clara of Assisi, founder of the second order of Franciscus. She is depicted carrying a monstrans because according to legend she used it to prevent de Saracens from attacking. Her feast day is on 11 August.