Radegundis of Poitiers, Serena of Rome and Helena - responses

Date of news: 16 August 2016

Fol. 228v

The woman in the gorgeous pink dress is queen Radegundis of Poitiers, daughter of the king of Thüringen. She was kidnapped by King Chlotarius, who forced her to marry him. Radegundis fled, however, and became a nun. She lived in a nun’s convent in Poitiers until she died. Her feast day is on 13 August. The two remaining prayers in this section are dedicated to the empresses Serena of Rome (feast day 16 August) and Helena (feast day 18 August). Both women are depicted wearing a royal tiara, but because there are no other attributes it is difficult to determine who is who. Helena was mother to Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome. She discovered the true cross and massively influenced the spread of Christianity. Serena is sometimes described as the wife of Emperor Diocletian, but this is not proven fact.