Bartholomew, Ludovicus of France and Augustine - responses

Date of news: 24 August 2016

Fol. 232r

On the left we see Ludovicus IX of France, a good king and exemplary father to eleven children. He took part in the third crusade to Jerusalem with the goal to conquer the Holy Land. While there, he confiscated many priceless relics, including the blood of Christ, a piece of Veronica’s cloth and the skull of John the Baptist. He was declared a saint in 1297 and his feast day is on 25 August. The apostle Bartholomew, whose feast day is on 24 August, is standing in the middle. He preached in Arabia, India, Lycaonia, Mesopotamia, Parthia and Armenia, where he died a horrible martyr’s death. He is carrying the knife that was used to skin him alive before he was decapitated. On the right we see church father Augustine of Hippo. His feast day is on 28 August. The works he wrote were of great influence to the church. He is holding his symbol in his hand: a pink heart.