Apollonia of Alexandria, Julianus the Hospitaller and Scholastica

Date of news: 9 February 2016

Fol. 168v

The virgin Apollonia of Alexandria (feast day February 9) was a Deacon who helped to take care of the ill and the poor during the time of Emperor Decius. In a failed attempt to have her renounce her faith, her teeth were pulled one by one. Unsurprisingly, her attribute is a pair of tongs. Apollonia was so keen to die a martyr’s death that she jumped onto the pyre herself. Scholastica (feast day February 10) was the sister of Benedict and founded a Benedictine convent. She is usually depicted in wearing a nun’s habit, so it is quite remarkable that she is shown as a young virgin in this miniature. In the middle we see Julianus. Judging by his place in the calendar and the way he is depicted, it is most likely Julianus the Hospitaller (feast day February 12), but he was not a martyr. It is also possible that two saints with the same name were accidentally mixed up.