Pontianus, Maurus of Subiaco and Anthony the Great - Reageren

Date of news: 14 January 2016

Fol. 155r

In the middle we see Pontianus of Spoleto (feast day January 14), a consecrated soldier who died a martyr’s death in service of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He enjoys special veneration in the diocese of Utrecht because several of his relics are kept there. There are two abbots on either side: Maurus of Subioco (feast day January 15) on the left and Anthony the Great (feast day January 17) on the right. A burning Saint Anthony’s Fire is depicted beneath Anthony’s feet, which symbolises a medical condition characterised by tingling, deformed or dying limbs. People suffering from this condition used to invoke the saint after which it was named. The pig at his feet is also associated with the disease: eating pork was considered to be a good remedy for Saint Anthony’s Fire. The bell in his hand is used to expel evil spirits.