Agnes, Vincent and Bathildis of Chelles - Reageren

Date of news: 21 January 2016

Fol. 158v

In the middle of the picture we see Deacon Vincent of Saragossa, the first Spanish martyr (feast day January 22). The meat hook in his hand refers to the way he died: his flesh was torn apart with hooks and what was left of him was dumped in a swamp. On the left is Agnes of Rome (feast day January 21) with a lamb at her feet. In Latin agnus means lamb and symbolises her innocence: Agnes was only 12 years old when she died. After she refused to get married, she was sent to a brothel where her hair grew miraculously fast to cover her naked body. After she survived being burnt at the stake, she eventually died from being stabbed by a spear. The Saint on the right is Bathildis of Chelles, a slave who married a Merovingian king and gave birth to one of the three wise men (feast day January 30).