Alexius of Edessa, Praxedes of Rome and Mary Magdalen

Date of news: 17 July 2016

Fol. 206v

The woman on the left is Praxedes of Rome, whose feast day is on 21 July. She lived during a time in which Christians were heavily persecuted and she stood up for some of the earliest believers. It is possible she also founded the church in Rome that bears her name. In the middle we see Alexius of Edessa, whose feast day is celebrated on 17 July. Even though he was of noble Roman birth, he fled the house during his wedding night and chose to live on the streets of Edessa as a beggar. In the miniature he is shown as a simple pilgrim. The ladder he carries refers to the stairs of his father’s house under which he lived for several years. On the right is Mary Magdalen, whose feast day is on 22 July. She allegedly lived a life of depravity, but eventually became a loyal follower of Christ. In her hands she carries a jar with salve, because she anointed Christ’s feet.