Anna, Martha and Pantaleon of Nicomedia

Date of news: 26 July 2016

Fol. 211r

On the left we see Anne, mother of Mary. She and her husband Joachim remained childless for a very long time, until an angel told them to meet at the golden gate, at which moment Mary was conceived. The feast of Joachim and Anna is celebrated on 26 July. Martha of Betany, the woman standing on the right, was Lazarus’ sister and a friend of Christ. Her feast day is held on 29 July. The last prayer in this section is dedicated to Pantaleon of Nicomedia, whose feast day is on 27 July. Pantaleon was personal physician to emperor Maximianus Herculius, but he was tortured and killed when he converted to Christianity. He is almost always depicted as a doctor, often together with other doctors like St. Cosmas and St. Damianus. It is highly remarkable that he is depicted in full armour in this miniature. Further investigation is needed to determine whether the illuminator made a mistake or not.