Boniface, Primus and Felician of Rome

Date of news: 5 June 2016

Fol. 195r

The saints on the left and the right are Primus and Felician of Rome, two brothers from the fifth or sixth century who celebrate their feast day on 9 June. Primus is probably the one on the right; in many fifteenth century depictions he is shown wearing contemporary clothing and a fashionable hat. After suffering many tortures under the rule of Emperor Diocletian, the brothers were decapitated. Between the brothers we see Boniface, who is mostly known for being killed in the town of Dokkum. Boniface was an English saint who travelled to the Continent to preach. He founded several monasteries, including the famous abbey of Fulda where he retired in 747. Even so, he undertook two more journeys to Friesland, which he did not survive. As his bones were brought to Utrecht, he is an important saint of that city. His feast day falls on 5 June.