Barnabas, Vitus and Marcus and Marcellianus of Rome

Date of news: 11 June 2016

Fol. 196v

Barnabas (feast day 11 June), who travelled from Cyprus to Jerusalem under the name of Joseph, is depicted in the middle. He started working with the apostle Paul very early on. Although he might have been bishop of Milan, in this instance he is depicted as an apostle. The book in his hands might refer to the gospel of Matthew, which he had with him when his grave was discovered. The other two saints are less easy to identify. This section of the book contains two other prayers: one to Vitus of Luciana (feast day 15 June) and one to twin brothers Marcus and Marcellianus of Rome (feast day 18 June). Vitus is probably depicted on the left, shown as a nobleman dressed in fashionable clothes. The man on the right would have to be either Marcus or Marcellianus, despite the harness not fitting their position as deacons.