Willibrord of Utrecht, Theodore Tiro and Martin of Tours

Date of news: 7 November 2016

Fol. 258r

On the left we see Willibrord, a missionary from York who left for the Continent and, with a little help from the Frankish rulers, became the first archbishop of Friesland. King Pippin of the Franks gave him permission to build the Saint Martin's cloister and the Saint Salvator Church in Utrecht. His feast day is celebrated on 7 November. In the middle we see a less well known saint: Theodore Tiro. This Christian soldier from Armenia or Syria refused to make sacrifices to the false gods and was tortured and burned at the stake. His feast day is on 9 November. Martin of Tours is standing on the right. His feast day, 11 November, is the day Sint Maarten is celebrated each year. The most famous event from his life is that he gave part of his cloak to a beggar. Martin is the patron saint of Utrecht and the Dom Church.