Cornelius, Cyprianus of Carthage Lambertus of Maastricht

Date of news: 16 September 2016

Fol. 238v

Two of the saints in this miniature share their feast day on 16 September. The first one is Pope Cornelius in the middle. He was banned from Rome and died a martyr’s death by being hanged while in exile. The golden horn in his hand is a reference to his name (cornu = horn), which classifies him as one of the so-called "Veeheiligen", patron saints of cattle and domestic animals. The other saint is Cyprianus, bishop of Carthage, probably the figure on the left. He was late to convert to Christianity. Persecutions forced him into hiding, but eventually he was arrested and decapitated. On the right we see Lambertus. Lambertus grew up in a noble family in Maastricht and became the twentieth bishop of the city. It is unclear who ordered him killed, but his murder was politically motivated. He is honoured as a martyr nonetheless and his feast day is on 17 September.