Hieronymus, Remigius and Leodegard

Date of news: 30 September 2016

Fol. 245r

In the middle we see Church Father Hieronymus. He was responsible for translating the Bible from Hebrew and Aramaic to Latin, the so-called Vulgar. He lived in the desert for 34 years, where he fast and slept on the ground. He is usually depicted with a lion, because he is known for pulling a thorn from a lion’s paw and taking care of the animal until it healed. His feast day is on 30 September. On the left we see Remigius of Reims, a holy bishop with his feast day on 1 October. Remigius founded several dioceses and was known as the apostle of the Franks. On the right stands Leodegard, bishop of Autun. He fell out of favour with the mayor of the palace and was tortured in a most gruesome manner: his tongue and lips were cut off and his eyes were torn from their sockets. He was decapitated several months later. His feast day is 2 October.