Pope Leo, Tiburtius and Valerian of Rome

Date of news: 11 April 2016

Fol. 183v

The saints depicted on the far left and right are the brothers Tiburtius and Valerian of Rome (feast day 14 April). Their story is closely linked to that of Saint Cecilia, who was married to Valerian. At her wedding, Cecilia announced that she wanted to remain a virgin out of love for Christ, which resulted in both brothers following her faith. This eventually got them killed, and the swords they carry in the miniature are a reference to their beheading. Usually Tiburtius and Valerian are depicted together with Cecelia, but in Mary’s prayer book she is depicted on her own feast day. Leo I the Great is depicted in the middle. He was elected pope on 29 September 440, but his feast day is on 11 April. The impressive crown decorating his brow signifies his status as pope.