Abdon and Sennen of Rome, Germanus of Auxerre

Date of news: 30 July 2016

Fol. 213v

The Saints on the left and right-hand-side belong together; they are noblemen Abdon and Sennen of Rome. They originally hailed from Persia, where they were taken from as prisoners of war. Upon arriving in Rome, they refused to sacrifice to the god Jupiter, which led to them being tortured to death. They suffered various methods of torture, and they were thrown in front of wild animals after being flogged. As is the case with many saints, the animals did not harm them. In fact, they even defended the martyrs. Eventually Abdon and Sennen died by the sword. Abdon is the eldest of the two, so he is probably the one on the left with the grey beard. Their feast day is celebrated on 30 July. Standing between them is Germanus, bishop of Auxerre. He was once described by Saint Martinus as the most venerated saint of France. His feast day is on 31 July.