Apollonius the Apologist, Sigismund of Burgundy and Pope Alexander

Date of news: 3 May 2016

Fol. 188r

The company in this colourful miniature consists of three important figures. On the left we see Apollonius the Apologist, a Roman senator who was beheaded for defending the Christian faith (feast day 21 April). He collaborated with several Christian scholars to put up this defence, and together they are known as the apologists. The manuscript was uncovered in 1874. Pope Alexander, recognizable by his staff and tiara, is depicted in the middle (feast day 3 May). On the right stands king and martyr Sigismund of Burgundy. In addition to the extravagant clothes with golden sleeves he is also wearing a crown. His sword seems to symbolise his kingdom more than it does his martyrdom: he was drowned by Chlodimir, King of the Franks. His feast day is celebrated on 1 May.