Hubertus of Liège, Eustace of Rome, Leonard of Noblat

Date of news: 2 November 2016

Fol. 256v

November 3 is the feast day of Hubertus of Liège, who is depicted on the left. He converted to Christianity after he saw a deer with a glowing cross in its antlers while hunting. Hubertus' feast day often heralds the start of the hunting season. Next to him we see Eustace of Rome, a Roman warlord whose life's story is an ecclectic collection of eastern and Greek narratives. He is sometimes mistaken for Hubertus because he is also known for seeing a deer with a cross in its antlers. After he converted he was killed because he refused to participate in a heathen celebration. His feast day is on 2 November. Leonard of Noblat, and important saint during the cursades, is depicted on the right. This small chapel eventually turned into an abbey where pilgrims would start their journey. His feast day is on 6 November.