Cunibert of Cologne, Brice of Tours and Elisabeth of Hungary

Date of news: 12 November 2016

Fol. 260r

On 12 November we celebrate the feast day of Cunibert of Cologne. He was an advisor at the Frankish court and acted as interim ruler when the king was still a minor. The Sankt-Kunibert Church in Cologne, which he founded, was named after him. He is depicted on the left in a bishop’s habit. One day later, on 13 November, Brice of Tours celebrates his feast day. Brice was a student of Saint Martin's and was an unruly and undisciplined youth. Even so, he was elected to be Martin's successor and was declared a saint immediately after his death. In this miniature, Brice is depicted on the right. In the middle we see Elisabeth of Hungary. The crown in her hands points to her life as queen. In 1225 she assisted the poor during a famine, founded a hospital and died while taking care of her patients. Her feast day is on 17 November.