Chrysogonus of Aquileia, Edmund of East Anglia, Linus

Date of news: 26 November 2016

Fol. 265v

On the left we see Chrysogonus of Aquileia, a priest from Rome who was taken to Aquileia to be beheaded on orders of Emperor Diocletian. His life's story is legendary. He is depicted in the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo in Revenna, but he is not represented much in northern art. His feast day is celebrated on 24 November. On the right we see Edmund of East Anglia, king of the Anglo Saxons who lost a battle against the Vikings in 870. Because of his religion he was tied to a tree, pierced with arrows and beheaded. Edmund was a highly venerated saint in England, especially on 20 November. Pope Linus is probably depicted between the two men. He was Peter's successor and his body was buried close to Peter's grave. According to the Liturgy his feast day falls on 23 November, although 26 November is mentioned as well.