Callixtus, Gallatius of Helvetia, Luke the Apostle

Date of news: 14 September 2016

Fol. 250r

The middle figure in this miniature is Callixtus of Rome. He started out as a slave, but was eventually elected pope. During his term he put a lot of energy into tracking down the bodies of martyrs. He would eventually share their fate and be tortured to death as well. Callixtus celebrates his feast day on 14 October. Gallatius of Helvetia, a Benedictine monk from the seventh century, is standing on his left. He was a missionary among the Franks and Alemanni  and eventually founded a prayer house. Eventually the prayer house would be named after him and grow to be the famous Sankt Gallen cloister. His feast day is on 16 October. On the right we see Luke, dressed as apostle but depicted without his symbol the oxen. His feast day is on 18 October.