Severinus of Cologne, Crispin and Crispinian of Soissons

Date of news: 23 October 2016

Fol. 253r

Bisshop Severinus of Cologne is depicted in the middle of this miniature. He had a vision in which angels carried the soul of Saint Martin to heaven and he fought against Arianism. Severinus has been venerated in Cologne for a long time. His feast day is on 23 October. In this picture he is standing between Crispin and Crispinian of Soissons. The two brothers preached during the day and were shoemakers by night, which is why the brother on the right (Crispinian?) is shoemaker's tools. Crispin and Crispinian suffered horrible tortures: shoemaker's prongs were inserted underneath their fingernails, they where whipped, molten lead and icewater was poured over them, they were exposed to fire and immersed in water with a millstone tied to their necks. As befitting true saints, they survived everything that was done to them and eventually died by decapitation. Their feast day is on 25 October.