Judas, Simon and Quintinus of Saint-Quentin

Date of news: 28 October 2016

Fol. 254v

In the middle we see Quintinus of Saint-Quentin, a Roman citizen who was a missionary in Amiens. He was horribly tortured for adhering to the Christian faith: his arms were broken, boiling oil was poured on top of him, he was ripped apart with an iron hook and long nails were hammered into his body. He eventually died by decapitation. His feast day is celebrated on 31 October. On either side of Quintinus stand two apostles: Judas Thaddaeus and Simon the Zealot. Both celebrate their feast day on 28 October. Judas was killed with a club or an axe. In accordance with imigary tradition, he is depicted in the bloom of youth and without a beard. The cross in his hands indicates that he died for the faith. Simon the Zealot died a martyr's death at the same time; he was cut to pieces with a saw.