Sylvester, Reinout of Dortmund and Titus of Crete

Date of news: 31 December 2015

Fol. 152v

On the left we see Pope Sylvester I (feast day December 31), recognizable by his tiara. He was responsible for the construction of three basilicas in Rome and was the first bishop to take on the title of pope. On the right is Titus of Crete (feast day January 26), an apostle who was converted to Christianity by Paul. Reinout (or Renaud, known in medieval chivalric romances as Reinout of Montalbaan) is depicted in the centre wearing full armour. After a life of violence he repented. He became supervisor of the masons responsible for building the Cologne Cathedral, but he drove the workers mad by his vigour and demand for precision. Reinout was killed and his body was dumped in the River Rhine. He is not usually a saint that is depicted much, but as he is a saint of the region and shares his name with Mary’s husband, it is not surprising he was included in her prayer book. His feast day is on January 7.